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Viking-Age Ring Fortress Aggersborg

The world's largest ring fortress

Viking-Age Ring Fortresses

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UNESCO World Heritage

King Harald Bluetooth's five ring fortresses Aggersborg, Borgring, Fyrkat, Nonnebakken and Trelleborg were on 17 September 2023 included in UNESCO's distinguished list of places of exceptional value for all humanity.

With the ring fortresses, there are now 11 areas on the UNESCO list for Denmark and the Commonwealth. Being designated as a World Heritage site is a blue stamp of a site's global importance and obligates to protect, preserve and spread knowledge of the site.

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Landscape of power

Seen from the air, you get a good idea of the fortress's impressive size and, not least, its strategic location at one of the traffic hubs of the Viking Age, the Limfjord.

Guided tours and events

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